コーヒーが大好きな私にとって、カフェに行くのが最高の時間の過ごし方。こー日を飲みながら、本を読んだりすることとか気持ちいいでしょう?だけど、日本と比べると、ニュージーランドのコーヒーはちょっと違う。メニューの定番はエスプレッソ, コーヒー, ラッテ, カプチーノ, フラットホワイト, アイスコーヒーなど。サイズ2つ、3つもあるし、値段は$4~10で、サイズによって違う。クリーマーもない。


ニュージーランドにいる今でも、Ichirikiが恋しい。DSCF1341 edit

I like coffee. I like Japan.

Coffee in Japan? Well…

I’m not going to lie – cafe’s in Japan let me down a little on the coffee front. You order coffee? You get strong, black coffee with packet of sugar and a creamer. You order an iced coffee? You get cold black coffee in ice, with a creamer and a packet of liquid sweetener. Sure, you can get milky variants (Cafe au lait or cappuccino were the most common in my experience), but be warned – they will probably be a little expensive and they will proably be small. There were a few times I ordered an iced coffee only to find that it was so strong that even after adding two sugar syrups and two + creamers, I couldn’t actually finish it. It’s not like I don’t enjoy the occasional black coffee, perhaps I am more of a wimp than I thought.

Perhaps New Zealand’s superb coffee set the bar too high.

Anywho, severely deprived of decent cafe coffee, Ryan and I managed to find solace in Ichiriki – a sandwich cafe near University. I think the thing that drew us most to this cafe, was that the coffee (Cafe Latte) was one of the first (and perhaps only…) coffees in Japan that we managed to find that resembled the coffee that you can find in New Zealand. We later found out that the sandwiches, cakes, and dinner menu were also superb, as well as the company – as we made friends with the owner and some of the staff. By the end of the year, we were coming in once or twice (or sometimes more!) a week. Ichiriki was probably one of my favourite places in Japan, and we spent many a happy time there, drinking coffee, playing pokemon and reading (Game of Thrones). It made for a very teary farewell at the end of the year, but I can’t wait to go back again.

DSCF1337 edit

DSCF5298 editDSCF1586 edit

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