Autumn Leaves 紅葉


紅葉を思い出すと、日本が恋しい (u_u)

Autumn in Japan is probably my favourite season. First of all because Autumn means that it isn’t summer. And because summer is suffocatingly hot, and once you’ve been in 30+ degree weather for a solid three months and the coldest temperature your body experiences in that time is the 28 degrees your apartment air conditioning is set to, Autumn seems like a beautiful, beautiful paradise. Apart from this though, with Autumn comes the spectacle that is Autumn leaves.

Before actually experiencing 紅葉(Autum leaves) in Japan, the image I had in my head was dominated by my experiences of brown crunchy leaves on the footpath, and brown spotty leaves on the trees – hardly a sight of great wonder. I don’t think people really pay much attention to the Autumn leaves in New Zealand. In Japan, however it is hard not to pay attention to them. The trees change colour from green to vibrant shades of red, yellow, orange and brown, and during the later months of Autumn, people make a day of going to view the leaves. Alternatively, they go at night when the trees are lit up with giant spotlights.

While in Japan, I also participated in this spectacle when I visited Arashiyama in November. I had seen the leaves changing gradually, and I knew that Autumn in Japan was nothing like what I had experienced in New Zealand. I was not, however prepared for just how beautiful it would be.

I’ll let the photos speak for me (please also observe my appropriately coloured coat).DSCF5567 DSCF5580 DSCF5600 DSCF5669 DSCF5672 DSCF5812

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